RED’S Natural Foods Braised Chicken with Sweet Potato and Quinoa Burrito

INGREDIENTS: tortilla (unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, cane sugar, sea salt, yeast), white meat chicken (white chicken meat, water, rice starch, salt), long grain brown rice, black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, white cheddar cheese (pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, sea salt, vegetable enzymes), quinoa (water, quinoa), jalapeno, roasted tomatillo, water, onions, lime juice, tomatillo, sea salt, chopped garlic (garlic, water), corn starch, canola oil, seasoning blend (spices, garlic powder), sugar, olive oil, cilantro, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, dried parsley. CONTAINS: WHEAT, MILK.

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Who's Red?

One night, I was enjoying one of my wife’s homemade burritos
and found myself smiling from ear to ear. I realized this was a
meal so perfect and delicious, it just had to be shared. Both
Paige and my trusty dog, Red, agreed.

I launched Red’s to bring you burritos as wholesome and
delicious as they were when it all began that fateful night. With
100% all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and with
meat raised without antibiotics — we make the best burrito, period.

We hope you love Red’s as much as we do.

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